Monthly Membership Blueprint

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How To Get Paid Month After Month After Month

Blogging... affiliate marketing... adsense... CPA.... PPC... freelancing... they all are viable ways of generating money online. But which one works best?...

Which one works with the least amount of effort and which one guarantees you an income in the long term?...

With most online ventures, you sell a product once, and you make your money once. You’ll clinch a sale and that’s it.

The customer gets their product, you get your money, and both of you go your separate ways. If you want to make more, you must acquire new customers or chasing your older customers.

Your business model has a bottle neck and so does your income.

But what if you re-arranged your sales funnel so that you charge a customer once, and they CONTINUE to pay you month after month after month?...

Wouldn’t that be a safer business model? Wouldn’t that allow you to sleep better at night KNOWING that you’ve got some form of monthly income?...

It’s no secret that membership sites are the way forward. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, as long as you have valuable content that can be delivered on a monthly or even weekly basis (be it training videos, PDF reports, MP3 recordings, a newsletter etc), you can set up a membership site around it.

Not only does it work out for you, but when done right, your customers will be happy too because you’re delivering more value and more of what they WANT.

Setting up your own membership site be quite daunting and may seem a little advance, but they’re actually very easy to set up and bring in so much more revenue than a stand-alone product.

Now you might be thinking...

• I can’t set up a membership site
• I wouldn’t know where to start
• I wouldn’t know what type of content to deliver
• My members won’t stick around for long
• I wouldn’t know how to promote it
• It would take too long to create everything
• I don’t like using technical membership scripts

But with the right knowledge, and someone with PERSONAL experience I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be difficult, you don’t even need a membership script and there are some very simple tweaks you can do to make sure your membership is successful.

Everything is packed into an 90+ page manual which you’ll be able to follow every step of the way.

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